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Chiropractic Care
Bringing your body into perfect alignment for optimal health. Spinal adjustments are necessary for a more pain free life. Adjustments can start as early as childhood or when you are elderly. Spinal alignment helps the body heal itself the way nature intended.
Massage Therapy
Massage is currently available year-round in our office. Some insurance plans even cover the cost of massage as medically necessary while treating with the chiropractor. Gift certificates are available for special occasions.
  • Our Pricing
  • $35 for 1/2 hour
  • $70 for 1 hour
  • Gift Certificate
  • Available Upon Request
x-ray - computerized radiology
Computerized Radiology located in our office
Dr. Todd reading X-rays
Physical Examination
This includes X-rays, Range of Motion Study and Muscle Testing.
chiropractic examination office
Range of Motion Study
Checking for restrictions in your spine and limbs. If decreased, the body will protect that region.
Massage Hydro-therapy Bed
Heated hydro-therapy to help with circulation and bring blow flow to the spine for healing
Spinal Decompression Therapy
Specific for disc herniation in the spine.
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Decompression bed
Traction & Vibration Traction (V/T)
Helps to break up tight muscles and tendons to improve the cervical curve (passively)
Graston tools
Graston Technique
Soft tissue that helps break down scar tissue
Percussion machine and attachments
Percussion & Ice Therapy
Percussion helps mobilize blood to swollen areas to help bring in new nutrients and flush out old blood; Ice helps reduce swelling caused by inflammation
Halo - cervical traction
Cervical Traction (Halo)
Active traction that helps improve the cervical spine: we prove it with a 2nd X-ray

Interested in Videos of Health?

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We have video and educational tools available to help you maintain your health. See them here

Theraband exercise equipment
Exercise Equipment
Available in our office to promote rehabilitation of the spine before and after spinal adjustments

More Exercise Sound Good?

We can help!

For a more rigorous workout, including strength training and cardio, check out CROSSFIT FIXATION

When Is Chiropractic Good for Me?

We check children as early as a few days after birth. The journey through the birth canal can be traumatic and cause torticollis in children. We will use only instruments to adjust them, which helps 95% of the time.

Kids these days are playing more contact sports at an earlier age without breaks throughout the year. Before playing contact or high impact sports we recommend getting a baseline xray of the spine for two reasons. The first is to check for any congenital anomalies that could cause permanent damage if the child sustained a sports injury. The second is if the child suffers a sports injury we will know what their spine looked like before the injury.

The years of bad posture like sitting for prolonged periods of time at a computer, repetitive movements and lifting have begun to take a toll on the body. We can correct the misalignments and teach you how to improve your posture so that your spine will last a lifetime. This is the time to make changes to the spine before permanent problems present

As we get older our joints and ligaments get tighter, which causes the bones not to move as well . When the bones aren’t moving they degenerate. We put the function back into your spine.

Why Our Services Work

We believe that there are times to take medications to provide pain relief, but realize that the pills are NOT going to fix the problem that is causing your pain. We take x-rays and pinpoint and show you the problem then we fix it.

We love exercise but only when you are functioning at 80% or better. If you are strengthening too early , you are holding the bone in the pinched or stuck position.

When trauma occurs, bones get shifted. When steel frames bend on cars you absorb the impact too. Muscles and ligaments develop micro tear and then heal into scar tissue. Scar tissue is nasty, you do not want it. It causes the joints to move even less which will cause pain and degeneration. Let us give you soft tissue work through massage therapy and the Graston technique.

People are having more headaches from having their heads and cervical spine into the cell phones and computers. When that head is translated forward the weight of your head triples and causes strain to the occiput and posterior cervical muscle groups.

Back pain is something that most of us will deal with at some point in your life. Why? Because we are mechanical. We sit wrong, lift wrong, sleep wrong and have bad posture and over time causes your spine to shift, hit a nerve and causes pain.